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Maintain a healthy and clear pond with TetraPond® Clearchoice® Biofilters. Ornamental fish can overload a pond ecosystem with ammonia and other pollutants. ClearChoice® biofiltration removes these contaminants and ammonia using its advanced Trickle Flow and Bio Ring technologies.
• Easy out-of-pond accessibility and simple maintenance
• Mechanical pre-filter sponges-remove suspended debris to improve water clarity
• Bio Ring media provide massive surface areas for beneficial aerobic bacteria to adhere to and multiply, helping eliminate the ammonia toxins created by fish waste and decomposing plant materials
• TetraPond® internal spray systems and Trickle Flow technology disperses pond water slowly and evenly through the Bio Rings ensuring that there is sufficient oxygen to provide optimal biofiltration conditions
• 1.25" drain fitting
• Interchangeable .75", 1" intake fittings
• Venturi inlet aerates water and thus enhances bio-activity