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Lowe`s Water-Garden was founded in 1999. With a long-time passion for water gardening,we purchased 2 acres of land and started aquascaping our dream land.

Today,we have 7 different sizes of koi ponds from 500 gallons to 50,000 gallons,fountains,statuary,Mexican pots,and more than a thousand glazed ceramic pots available on site.

We specialize in water garden design & construction , and carry everything you need to build and/or maintain your preferred water feature.

That includes chemicals, biological  filters, and all kinds of other equipment.

We also sell many different kinds of goldfish, koi, and even koi imported directly from Japan.

A water garden transforms a basic backyard into a beautiful paradise where you can enjoy wonderful times with family and friends.

We are happy to announce the grand opening of our second location as of June 2012,for the convenience of our valued customers who live in neighborhood of Woodlands.,Conroe , Magnolia, and Montgomery or further north.

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